Fourth and fifth graders meet on Sunday mornings in the new "Breakfast Club". Our 4th and 5th graders are no longer kids but they are also not yet teens.  They are beginning to see they have choices and their choices matter.  Our goal is to take God's Word and bring it to life on the issues they face.

What can you expect? When your 4th and 5th grader enters the Breakfast Club they can play games, hang-out or enjoy breakfast from the cereal bar.  Then we'll learn God’s Word in creative ways.  After that, we’ll spend time in small groups. During small groups, we’ll get to know each other, discover how the Bible lesson applies to our lives and pray for each other.

Our Focus
Relationships:  Whether it's peer-to-peer, younger siblings or adult authority, it's important for 4th and 5th graders to understand why relationships are important.
Faith:  The greatest relationship for 4th and 5th graders is their own relationship with God. We endeavor to provide solid Biblical answers to questions about who God really is and why He is important in their young lives.
Choices:  With the importance of relationships at this age, often they are asked to make important choices.  Breakfast Club is a place to discuss how, when and why to make good, wise choices even when it seems to go against the peer influences.  In fact, we want pre-teens to understand how they can be positive influences and leaders at this young age and then carry this on in life.

Christa Katona