Amboseli, Kenya: Church planting and Well Drilling
Date: TBD
Per person cost: $3500
Number of slots available: 24
Contact: Jon Moyer,
Scope of event: Daybreak will partner with Amboseli Chapel and Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI) to host the 2nd annual Church planting training at Amboseli Chapel in a remote Kenyan village. A group of 24 people from Daybreak hosted the first training in Amboseli last year. 96 church leaders were trained and 3 churches were planted within the first month of the training. We will also partner with Amboseli Chapel to reach out to a rural village called Risa. This is a community that is in desperate need of clean drinking water. We will partner with a drilling company in Nairobi to drill a well to bring clean water to this community, where people currently must walk 6 km to the nearest well. Other outreach opportunities include miscellaneous campus upgrades, youth ministries, women’s ministries, tree planting and discipleship. The last part of the trip will include a safari into Kenya"s world famous National Parks to experience God's creation in a spectacular way.

Logan Heights, CA: Habitat for Humanity One Day House Build
Date: Friday, February 24
Per person cost: none
Number of slots available:  7-10 (minimum age 16)
Contact: Lauren Jefferis,
Scope of event: Daybreak is partnering with Habitat for Humanity to make improvements to a community center in Logan Heights. Volunteer activities may include things like painting, building fencing and creating the community garden and outdoor gathering space. No experience needed and both men and women are welcome. The team will be working under the direction of a professional contractor from about 8:00a-3:30p.

Tijuana, Mexico: Church Building and Feeding Program
Date: Saturday, March 4
Per person cost: $25 + food
Number of slots available:  12
Contact: Melanie Moyer,
Scope of event: Cindy and Jose Luis Pesina, through Yugo Ministries, work as church planters in and around Tijuana and Rosarito. They have spent the last 3 years focusing on an area called Vista del Valle and have a church, Gracia del Calvario, that they have been building from the ground up while offering discipleship and Bible teaching. They minister to a local village with feeding programs and school sponsorship. The day trip will include feeding lunch to the local children (usually about 75 children are fed), a time of worship and arts and crafts with the families, and time in prayer with families who are facing real struggles and need the love of God. One of the projects we are hoping our team can tackle while we're down there is laying linoleum flooring in the nursery. Right now the floor is still cement, which is cold and hard and not easy for the little ones crawling. The trip isn't complete without a stop for some street tacos on the way home.

El Salvador: Community Service and Surf Outreach
Dates: March or April 2017
Per person cost: $2000
Number of slots available: 10-15
Contact: Donovan Filpi at or 619.261.5387
Scope of event: We will be serving throughout the local community alongside our ministry partner, La Red. Projects will include community outreach, feeding programs and lots of surfing. Part of our time will be spent at the Remar Orphanage, loving on the kids. We are also hoping to expand the medical clinic portion of the trip this year and are looking for health care professionals.

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