Aaron and Christine Passmore
Aaron and Christine Passmore, along with their two children, Zeke and Damari, have been serving as missionaries in Quito, Ecuador since July of 2014. Aaron serves as a Team Leader for Youth World, a ministry devoted to evangelizing, discipling and equipping the youth of Ecuador. Youth World is currently involved in nine ministries: La Red, La Roca, Quito Quest, Living & Learning, Casa Gabriel, Casa Adalia, International Student Ministries (ISM), El Refugio, and Education = Hope. To learn more about the Youth World Ministries, visit their website: www.youthworld.org.ec

Christine works as an English teacher at Alliance Academy International. Alliance Academy International (AAi) is a Christian Early Childhood through High School English school located in Quito, Ecuador. Founded in 1929, AAI provides a Christian, English-speaking education to students from all over the world. AAI prepares students to be the future Christ-following leaders of tomorrow around the world. To learn more about AAI, visit their website: www.alliance.k12.ec.

To learn more about the Passmore family, go to their website: www.passmorefamily.com